Mr. Frank Ems, Head Coach,


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The purpose of the Stroudsburg Cheer Program is to promote school spirit, pride and loyalty. Cheerleading develops a sense of good sportsmanship among students and supports athletic programs. Being part of the cheer team develops responsibility, teaches self respect, encourages honest effort, and develops character. Cheerleading teaches teamwork and pride in a quality performance.


Practices will range from a variety of dates and times in the summer, fall and winter depending on schedules. Expect to practice approximately 2-4x a week for 2-3 hours to prepare for any upcoming events. Cheerleading is required for all football & basketball games, wrestling matches, & possible competitions.


Each member will treat coaches, captains, game officials, opposing school, and other athletic school staff with respect at all times. Members are expected to behave appropriately at all events at all times. Coaches’ discretion will be final regarding any inappropriate behavior or attitude.


Members must maintain a passing average in all subject areas. Any grade below a C average must show proof of the grade rising in two weeks time before returning to team. Failing a subject is grounds for automatic dismissal.