Course Descriptions

 The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum is a relevant academic subject area for all students that brings together the knowledge and wisdom needed by every student. The curriculum addresses skills necessary to enhance the quality of life, to improve individual and family wellness, and to evaluate the quality of goods and services in meeting individual needs, and to provide awareness for their roles in influencing public policy. These courses are available to students of all interest and ability levels.

F160 CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION 1 (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

This course is designed to provide students with a foundation of basic sewing techniques such as use of equipment, patterns, preparation and basic sewing skills. At least two garments, selected by the student, will be constructed. Students should be prepared to supply materials to make these garments. Costs will vary, depending upon the projects that are chosen.

F161 CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION 2 (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

(Prerequisite: Clothing Construction I)
Advanced Clothing Design is a course for students who desire additional experience in garment construction using advanced sewing techniques and pattern details. The student is responsible for supplying the materials needed for any garments constructed. Selection of projects will depend upon the student’s needs and abilities.

F170 DISCOVERING FOOD 9-12 6/6 1.00

This course recognizes the widespread need for improving the nutritional well-being of young men and women. It has as its focus the relationship of food to health and changing lifestyles, while emphasizing the fundamental areas of nutrition, consumer skills and food preparation. Discovering Food also goes beyond these basics. It broadens students’ understanding of the impact food has on their lives, the diet/health link and career options in the food and nutrition fields.

F271 AMERICAN FOODS (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

(Prerequisite: Discovering Food)
This course is a study of America ’s culinary melting pot. Regional food preferences influenced by geographic locations and the people are studied. Areas to be covered include: Indians, Colonists, New England , midwest, pacific coast, south, southwest and Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.

F370 FOREIGN FOODS (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

(Prerequisite: Discovering Food)
This course introduces students to the diversified cooking styles of the countries around the world. Ethnic and regional foods of many countries are researched, prepared and served.

F360 THIS IS YOUR LIFE! (s) 11 6/6 0.25

(Required of all Juniors)
“This is Your Life!” explores the intertwined issues adults must learn to deal with in order to live satisfying and successful lives in the future. Students are provided with opportunities to be in charge of many of the ongoing facets of everyday living. The topics studied are basic to life planning and have been selected based on relevance for positive personal development for each student. Topics include financial and resource management, work and community responsibilities, food, science and nutrition, and child development.

F390 CHILD STUDY/PARENTING (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

This course is intended to help teenagers understand children’s behavior and development, and an adult’s role in guiding children. Also included are topics concerning pregnancy management and the birth process. There are opportunities to observe children in various stages of development in a classroom situation and in a field trip to a local preschool program. Child Study/Parenting is an excellent course for students who are interested in pursuing a child oriented career or who would like to be parents themselves one day. Students learn infant care by taking home a computerized baby simulator.


(Prerequisite: Child Study/Parenting)
Success in working with children requires an understanding of physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of young children. This class will enable students to plan educational activities that are developmentally appropriate. Students will have an opportunity to observe preschoolers during a field trip to a local preschool. It will provide students with the opportunity to interact with and present their ideas to children in a preschool or classroom setting. They will learn techniques for keeping children safe and healthy and to promote experiences that build children’s self esteem and enthusiasm for learning. This course is recommended for anyone considering a career in early childhood or elementary education.


This course projects the understanding of what it takes to function in society in a family structure. Included are topics on maturity, responsibility in family life and community and readiness for commitment. This course also stresses the role of the individual in making good decisions, communicating effectively and handling conflicts within the family. Family challenges such as death, loss of job and divorce are also discussed along with how to cope with change. Other topics include preparation for dating, engagement and marriage or single life.

F250 INTERIOR DESIGN (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

Students learn to use basic decorating concepts to express their own individuality. This course stresses the impact of lifestyle and individual needs on the design of a room. Topics covered in this course are: living environment, floor plans, color, accessories, budgeting and furniture purchasing and refinishing.

F270 SPORTS AND FOODS (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

This course is designed for the student that is interested in athletics and keeping fit. This course will develop an understanding of the relationship between diet and performance. Areas of instruction include nutrition basics, food facts and fiction, fitness, body composition and energy balance, leader nutrients and current food and fitness issues. It is recommended that students enrolled in First Aid/Athletic Training also include Sports and Foods in their schedule.


(Prerequisites: Clothing Construction I and Clothing Construction II)
This course is designed for the student who has completed Clothing Construction I and Clothing Construction II. Students will begin a design portfolio and construct garments from altered patterns. They will have the opportunity to further advance their sewing skills. Students will be responsible for supplying materials needed for the construction of their garment.


(Prerequisites: Clothing Construction I, Clothing Construction II, and Advanced Clothing Construction I)
Advanced Clothing Construction II will provide the student completing Advanced Clothing Construction I with the opportunity to further their abilities in creative clothing design. Advanced techniques in pattern alteration will be taught. Students will also be constructing garments from redesigned patterns. Professions available in the clothing industry will also be explored. Students will be responsible for supplying materials needed for their project.