Course Descriptions

The content area of business education provides a foundation for success for all students, no matter what their ultimate goals in life may be. Students who will graduate and operate small businesses, as well as future entrepreneurs, need to understand the principles of business if they are to make wise decisions. No student can function in today’s society and escape the need for the life-long lessons that are taught in the business education curriculum. The ability to use computers efficiently with other components of information systems is a “must” for everyone in our increasingly technological society. Students learn to use computers as tools in conjunction with related software. In addition, they learn to make decisions, to produce professional documents, to communicate via Internet, and to research topics utilizing libraries around the world. Students who study business education will have increased opportunities to succeed in whatever field they may choose to pursue.


Students will create and edit documents using Microsoft Office software, which includes Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Additional components taught in this class include web 2.0 tools, online collaboration, Google Maps and Google concepts.

7153 BASIC KEYBOARDING (s) 9-12 6/6 0.50

This course is designed for students who have LIMITED TO NO keyboarding experience or students new to the district. This semester course provides the student with hands-on training in the correct touch typing techniques on computers. Personal business letters, memos, and simple reports are also included in the course.

7154 COMPUTER SKILLS (s) 9-12 6/6 0.50

(Recommend: Successful completion of Basic Keyboarding)
This course is designed for every student, and will introduce computer components and software packages used in the workplace. Students will have hands-on experience using word processing, database, spreadsheet and presentation software. Applications of the computer will be stressed. Students who have passed Advanced Computer Applications (B155) may not take this course.

7152 DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA (s) 9-12 6/6  0.50

This course emphasizes the importance of developing effective presentation skills for use in the classroom, college and workplace. Learn to prepare and deliver a variety of presentations with credibility and confidence. Strategies for
overcoming fear and involving the audience are highlighted. Digital Multimedia is great course for new users and offers valuable tips and shortcuts for experienced users. Students will be able to make presentations come to life! Learn to make powerful presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash, & Adobe Photoshop. A must course for all students!


Applied Business Mathematics is designed to review and build skills in basic arithmetic operations including fractions and decimals. The basic operations are then used in business applications such as loans and interest, purchasing a home or car, wireless communications, gross and net pay, insurances, bank services and other concepts for personal finance.

7220 ACCOUNTING 1 10-12 6/6 1.00

In Accounting 1, students will acquire an understanding of basic accounting principles and procedures used in daily business operations. Simulated office experiences are provided to help the student understand the accounting cycle. This course is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce after graduation or attend a community or four year college to major in business and finance. Also, students will be introduced to computerized accounting.

7320 ACCOUNTING 2 - H 11-12 6/6 1.00

(Prerequisite: Accounting 1 and honors application process)
Accounting 2 builds on basic principles learned in Accounting I. In addition to a review of the basic procedures of manual accounting systems, the computer is used extensively for accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger accounting. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of accounting data by managers and others involved in making day to day business decisions.

7235 Web Tools (s) 9-12 6/6 0.50

This course will provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills needed to find information on the worldwide web. The students will demonstrate these skills in various content areas. Students will learn how to develop search strategies, use search engines, web indexes and advanced web searches. The creation of basic web pages, blogs and podcasts will also be completed during the course. Discussions of protecting one’s computer will be part of this course. This course is a must for all college-bound students.


This course will provide conceptual understanding of animation design and practical experience in the design and the development of animation. The course will enhance student skills in the areas of communication, problem solving, analyzing and critical thinking. Students will be creating and adding animation to a variety of games and will also use problem solving skills in technology as a systematic process. They will evaluate and review animation in production.

7256 WEB PAGE DESIGN (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

This course will provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to design Web Pages for the Internet. Students will learn the capabilities and the structure of HTML programming to create colorful, eye-catching Web pages like those developed by professional Webmasters. HTML is relatively easy to learn and works with nearly any type of computer system. Students taking this course will not only acquire impressive programming skills quickly, but can also apply these skills to several other popular programming languages such as Java, C++, or Pascal.

7257 ADVANCED WEB PAGE DESIGN (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

(Prerequisite: Web Page Design)
This is an advanced level course designed to expand on the skills acquired in Web Page Design. Students will learn advanced web page design using HTML and Front Page and other possible programming languages. Students will also learn the JavaScript language in this course to extend the functionality of HTML. JavaScript source code will be integrated with HTML in order to enhance the capabilities of Web pages. Students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in Web Page Design in the creation of web pages used by the district and possibly outside businesses, community members, or any other seeking the services of the students.

7258 PROGRAMMING FOR THE WEB  (s) 10-12 6/6 0.50

(Prerequisite: Web Page Design)
This is an advanced level course designed to expand on the skills learned in Web Page Design. Students will learn Java, a general purpose, structured programming language that is extremely marketable. It provides the structured basis necessary to write good computer programs and it is the language of choice for applications on the Web. Java is the fastest growing programming language in the world due in part to the design team's successful effort to make the language robust, secure, and portable. The structure of Java, along with its object-oriented features and Web application, will facilitate the learning of programming constructs and help students to develop good beginning programming skills.

7354 MACROMEDIA WEB DESIGN 10-12 6/6 1.00

(Prerequisite: Web Page Design)
This course introduces Macromedia’s suite of Web-authoring applications, and shows how to use them to create appealing and cutting-edge multimedia. The course will use Macromedia programs such as Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, and FreeHand MX. This course takes on adding special effects to web authoring.

7352 BUSINESS LAW 11-12 6/6 1.00

The Business Law curriculum covers two main areas – the legal system and personal business law topics. Business Law examines the federal and state legal systems and procedures. It familiarizes the student with the nature and workings of the law as it affects day to day situations such as sales contracts, frauds, credit, property rights, insurance and renting. Students will experience legal situations through Mock Trials, video trials, and guest speakers. If students are interested in pursuing a business or legal career, this course will give them a foundation for college Business Law courses.

5652 CAREER PLANNING (s) 10 3/6 0.25

(Required of all sophomores)
This course provides the opportunity to explore career options and pathways. An emphasis is placed on communication skills, resume writing, the application process, interviewing techniques, and personal presentation as they relate to educational and career planning. A one-day job shadowing experience is a requirement for this course.  All elements of this course must be completed successfully in order to graduate.


This course stresses sports marketing and the principles that are behind marketing athletics. The course will also discuss the entertainment and fashion marketing industry. Students will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in sports marketing and develop a marketing presentation.


This course is designed for the student who wants to obtain an understanding of how business works in society. Students will learn basic personal finance skills and then explore the idea of running their own business. Students will design their own small business and develop a quality business plan. The course will cover such topics as entrepreneurship, banking services, personal money management, credit, taxes, economic principles, the stock market and human relations skills, on both a personal and professional level.

7253 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 11-12 6/6 1.00

This course introduces students to business principles that are important to be successful in the global marketplace. It acquaints students with economic concepts that are central to the operation of successful international economic enterprise. It helps students to identify the business operations in various regions, to understand cultural differences in other countries and the challenge created by those differences to Americans trying to conduct business in foreign nations.


Students who participate in this course will obtain lifelong business communication and presentation skills to succeed in our ever-changing global society. Students will learn ethical and social responsibility, rules of parliamentary procedure and will develop and demonstrate good communication, decision-making and leadership skills. The experiences gained in this course may be used in real life situations. Students involved in FBLA or other student leadership organizations are strongly encouraged to take this course.

7420 ACCOUNTING 3 12 6/6 N/O

(Prerequisite: Accounting 1 & 2)
Accounting 3 builds on principles learned in Accounting 1 & 2. This course introduces managerial and cost accounting along with other accounting systems. Topics include inventory planning, valuation and control, financial statement analysis, budgeting and accounting for a not-for-profit organization, and statement of cash flows.

7451/7452 OFFICE APPRENTICESHIP (s)12  6/6 0.50-- 6/6 1.00

(Prerequisite: Complete application process with department chairperson)
This senior course is designed to give business students the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to practical applications in actual on-campus office environments. This course provides an excellent vehicle for attaining job competencies and developing work attitudes, habits, and ethics that will enhance employability. Students will be designated as apprentice workers in various office settings where they will both apply and improve skills acquired in the classroom.