Course Offerings

Grade 10

Honors: World Literature Seminar (E210)
CP English (E220)
Applied Communications (E230)
Writing Workshop I (E140)

Grade 11

AP English: Language and Composition (E300)
CP English (E320)
Applied Communications (E330)
Writing Workshop II (E340)

Grade 12

AP English: Literature and Composition (E301)
*Composition (E422)
*Modern Literature (E423)
*Myth and Ritual in Literature (E424)
*British Literature
Applied Communications (E430)
Writing Workshop II (E340)

*semester length courses that may also be taken as "electives" by some students upon the approval of the department

In addition to the regular curriculum, the English Department offers a series of Electives:

"Introduction to Philosophy" - chronologic overview of the major trends in philosophic thought from Ancient Greece through the 20th century

"Journalism" - an examination of the different media and the role of the journalist in today's society

"Advanced Journalism / Newspaper" - refinement of journalism skills and placement on the Mountaineer editorial staff

"Advanced Journalism / Yearbook" - refinement of journalism skills and placement on the Pioneer editorial staff

*"Creative Writing" - exploration of a variety of writing genres with emphasis on poetry and fiction writing

*"Public Speaking" - practical experiences in a variety of public speaking venues including formal debate*"Drama" - many opportunities for practical experiences and actual stage performances

*"Introduction to Film Studies" - analysis of classic and contemporary films (semester course)

*semester length courses open to all students

Additional Course Offerings

"English Individualized Programs" - a sequence that delivers individually designed instruction in language arts for students whose needs cannot be met in other English classes"Individualized Program of Academic Strategies for Success" (IPASS) - an elective program available to students who have been identified as needing additional instruction and practice with basic reading, language arts skills, and study skills (students may also receive help with content materials and assignments)

"English ESL" - a comprehensive program delivering different levels of instruction and course content for all our ESL student.