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Important Websites

SAT registration:
NEW SAT information:
ACT registration:
ESL test:

College Search/Scholarship websites: (username:  Stroudsburg; password:  mounties)  **New**

Student Athletes:

Financial Aid:
To apply for federal  and state aid:
    To apply just for PA aid:
    How to work with your loans:
    How to compare prices between colleges:
    Plan ahead!  Get your FSA ID number before applying:


Finance Degree Online Guide
Accounting Degree Online Guide
Business Degree Online Guide

Unsure of going to college immediately after graduating?
Are you interested in:
helping with inner-city schools?
working with the Red Cross?
volunteering with Habitat for Humanity?

Need your GED, but want to gain a skill too?

To contact the Guidance office during school hours,
please call (570) 421-1991, option 3.

Your ‘TO DO’ List for High School:


    -get involved in extracurricular activities (volunteering in community, after school clubs)
    -start researching colleges and majors of interest
    -keep your grades up   


    -take the PSAT in the fall
    -take the SAT and/or ACT in the spring
    -start looking into financial aid and scholarships
    -take AP exams (if applicable)
    -continue keeping grades up


    -re-take the SAT/ACT in the fall (if applicable)
    -finalize college application list
    -apply to colleges before winter break (and keep track of deadlines)
    -sign-up for financial aid
    -enjoy the last year of high school!!

Go HERE to check out a full list of suggestions for what you can do to make the most of each high school year!

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Mrs. Theresa Onody

Assigned to students with A-Di,


Mrs. Nadine Cali

Assigned to students Dj-K,

Mrs. Jean M. Dunback-Costanzi

Assigned to students with L-Ri,


Mr. Bill Simonovich

Assigned to students with Ro-Z,


Mrs. Karin Thornton

School Psychologist