Marching Band

Director: Mr. Pritchard
Assistant Directors: Mr. Labar & Mrs. Donovan
Color Guard Instructor: Mrs. Keslosky
Color Guard Assistant Director: Mrs. Weiss
Percussion Instructor: Mr. Yetter
Drill Designer: Mr. Bartholomew

The Stroudsburg Marching Band is comprised of approximately 100-140 students in grades 8-12. The organizations primary purpose is to provide spirit, enthusiasm and musical support to our school’s athletic teams. Its first function is to perform at all football games, home and away. When at home, the band performs a pre-game show, which includes the Star-Spangled Banner, the school song (The Victors), and the Alma Mater. At half time, the band will usually perform its halftime show. We do not consider ourselves to be competitive but do enjoy the opportunity to perform for ratings from various adjudicators. We meet twice a week during the school year. Tuesday nights the band rehearses from 6:30-9:00 PM and Thursday run from 2:45-4:30 PM. Two weeks prior to the first day of school, the band has its annual camp. While the band remains at home and rehearses at the high school, the schedule is much more intense than during the school year.