Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department offers courses to coincide with three program sequences of study at Stroudsburg High School.  The sequences are Applied Studies, College Preparation (CP), and Honors (H)(accelerated study).  The department is committed to offering algebra and geometry study in each sequence as recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. In so doing, the department does expect a certain commitment level from the student in the areas of participation, homework preparation, and study. Since mathematics is a cumulative discipline within each course as well as from one grade level to the next, it is expected that each student in any high school math course keeps up with all work assigned by the teacher. This will include trying to complete all homework assignments which are given almost daily in most courses. It will also include being responsible for making up any missed work due to class absences in a timely fashion. Lastly, the prerequisite for any course is required to continue on grade level in the sequence of study and has been written to offer the student the best chance of success as he/she progresses through his/her high school study of mathematics.

Distance learning opportunities may become available periodically throughout the school year or over the summer. Courses may be offered by local colleges and universities or participating school districts.

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