Music Performance Dates 2011-2012

Click on the link to view the music performance dates for the 2011-2012 school year.

Chamber Orchestra:

Advisor: Ms. Rogers

The SHS Chamber Orchestra is a group of string instrument students in grades 10-12. The ensemble is an auditioned group and all students are selected from students enrolled in the curricular classes of Orchestra I and Orchestra II. The group meets once a week for an hour and a half throughout the year. The ensemble has various performance opportunities throughout the year including: performing with the Monroe/Pike County Orchestra in October, performing for Dream Drink Day in December and for faculty and staff on the day before our December break. Chamber Orchestra also performs at the end of the year concert with other extra-curricular groups. The Chamber Orchestra was created to offer interested students in the school orchestra program an opportunity to play different and more challenging music in a chamber ensemble setting.


Advisor: Ms. Janice Lee

The Chorale has 24-28 members representing the best vocalists in the choral department. The mostly cappella ensemble performs 15-20 times per year for various functions throughout the school and surrounding community. In order to be in Chorale, students MUST be taking Concert Choir in his/her schedule unless there is an academic scheduling conflict. Auditions are held in May of the following year.

Jazz Band

Director: Mr. Pritchard

Membership in the Jazz Band is done through an audition in December. The jazz band ranges from 15 to 23 members. The band rehearsal from January through May on Tuesday evenings. The band plays demanding music of various genres (Swing, Latin, Funk, Blues, Ballad, etc) and learn about and practice improvisation. The students also learn for various professional jazz musicians who come in to share their knowledge. The jazz band performs at the SASD jazz concert and at Great Wolf Lodge in May.


Percussion Ensemble

Advisor: Mr. Cassady

The Stroudsburg High School Percussion Ensemble program is comprised of approximately 10-15 students in grades 10-12. This program was established in order to allow interested percussion students and other interested students the opportunity to perform different styles of music than they get from their concert or marching band experiences. They meet once a week for two hours after school. They perform at a year-end concert in the high school.

Show Choir

Advisor: Ms. Janice Lee/Mrs. Gretchen Taylor/Mrs. Billye Kubiak

The Show Choir has 14-18 singers/dancers, up to 6 instrumentalists and a 2 student sound crew. They perform 15-20 times per year at various functions throughout the community, including concerts and school athletic events. In order to be in Show Choir, a student MUST be taking Concert Choir in his/her schedule unless there is an academic scheduling conflict. Auditions are held in May for the following year.