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Period/Teacher Location/Room
Period 1--Mrs. Edwards--B207
Period 2--Ms. Wood--A209
Period 3--Mrs. McHale--A209
Period 4--Mrs. Emert--A201
Period 5--Mrs. Reish--B206
Period 6--Mrs. Yonki--A211
Period 7--Mr. Juell--B205
Period 8--Mrs. Krock--B204
Period 9--Mr. Clemson--A204

Transportation Information


Please be advised that due to the continuing shortage of available and qualified school bus drivers and substitutes, the district has instituted an "early call" service, effective November 3rd. Parents can contact the district to determine if there are any unexpected bus delays affecting their child/children for that morning or afternoon. Please follow the procedure below for that day’s most recent changes in bus pick-up/delivery information: A.M. Bus Runs - Between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. call any of the following numbers:421-1990, 421-1991 or 421-1992, and then press 7 for the message

- After 7:30 a.m., call 421-1991, and then press 7 for the message


P.M. Bus Runs - Call after 1:00 p.m. the following number:

421-1991, and then press 7 for the message


The district has been making every effort to recruit, train, and hire qualified school bus drivers. The process can take several months due to the training and testing requirements put in place by the state. All the districts in our area are experiencing this problem. When the district decided to stay with a two-tier bus system, two runs in the A.M. and two in the P.M., it was assumed that there could be problems with too few drivers and therefore, delays in picking-up and delivering students to/from school/home on a random, day-to-day basis. A three-tier system was considered and put on hold due to its impact on early and late school start and end times. We may have to reconsider that decision and look at three-tier configurations again. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.