Photography Club

Advisor: Mr. Lowenburg

Photo Workshop meets every week on Thursday after school in the library. There are approximately 15 students. The activity revolves around the process of producing documentary and fine art photography. Activities exploring composition, mixed media, and the work of important photographers are interspersed with the sharing of student work. Topics are supported by the high school library collection of photography books, videotapes, and DVD’s. Online photography resources are also explored. Students are encouraged to take pictures on their own and share their work with the group to receive feedback in a supportive and positive setting.

The group is also beginning to produce video projects, using the camcorder received in a grant from I.U.21’s Digital History Project. Video editing and DVD production will be possible thanks to new equipment recently installed in the library. Initially, students will be interviewing World War II veterans, and will move on to other topics chosen by the group.

One of the clubs goals for the 2004-05 school year is to participate in a group exhibit at the local gallery. Several alumni of the workshop are currently majoring in photography, film and art at various universities.