Student Against Distructive Decisions(SADD)

Advisor: Ms. Emert/Ms. Muffley

Students help with the fight against drug abuse and the effects of drug and alcohol use. They get involved with many activities to promote the message. The club collects Toys for Tots to help out the Women’s Resources and the Marines. They host Dream Drink Day for the seniors and the faculty the last day of school before Christmas each year. The club has the Safety Bug, highway safety, seat belt checks, red ribbon events, prom promise events, and messages throughout the year. They have a representative attend the D&A Taskforce meeting each month. Each year new students bring a new dimension to the club. They do dress down days to help various agencies that deal with children and families of those involved with drugs. They attend conferences and turn hosting a county conference. This is a very active group of students committed to get a message out. SADD meets after school or when an activity needs to be done. There are about 20-30 students involved.