Advisor: Ms. Baughman

This activity is an elective class for juniors/seniors only. We meet daily for 42 minutes. We currently have 11 members, all who work diligently to produce a yearbook of about 192 pages. We aim to include all sports, clubs, special events, portraits of all students, faculty, staff and traditional elements such as graduation, prom, homecoming, King of Hearts, the school play, etc. Lifetouch Photography supplies most of our photos; our Pioneer staff handles additional coverage. Students learn how to create a yearbook spread, crop photos, use Adobe PageMaker, write from a journalistic point of view, and proper interviewing techniques. This staff learns everything it takes to produce a yearbook.


Attention juniors:

Yearbook senior portraits will be taken May 2-5 from 3pm - 8pm, 2011 in F104 at the high school. The sitting fee is $5. Postcards are being mailed home in April. If you have any questions, or if you don't receive a postcard to schedule your appointment, please see Mrs. Austin in A120 or Mrs. Leap in the Athletic Office at the high school.

1.  Upcoming portrait dates: 
          September 15th-19th, from 3pm-8pm in the auditorium (last chance)
          Clothing for Yearbook pose is provided
          $5 sitting fee due at time of picture
          Students can bring another nice outfit for a different pose
See Ms. Krause in C217 for more information or e-mail me at
Students must then choose the portrait they would like in the yearbook by October 3. The girls’ photo must be one in the black drape and the boys’ photo must be in the tux facing forward. If the students do not select their pose, then Lifetouch will select it.

2.  How to buy a Yearbook-  links to current order form
      Deadlines and prices:  November  - December 31 $80.00
      January 1 – $85.00

3.  How to place a parent/friendship ad (Everlasting Memory) in the Yearbook- At the end of the Yearbook, parents, relatives, and friends like to write a message and/or place favorite picture(s) in the Yearbook.  In November, the staff sends out a mailing with prices and sizes available for this service.  If you would like to participate in this, watch for this mailing. Due to the limited space in the book, it is available on a first come, first-served basis, so get your ad and money in as soon as possible after the mailing is distributed.


To set-up yearbook order form.